Baby blue whale and mumThe blue whale is the largest whale or creature ever known to have existed and we are blessed to have these mysterious behemoths still roaming our oceans. The females start having calves when they are between 5 and 10 years of age.
The mother will be pregnant with her baby for at least a year and on giving birth, her new calf will weigh a hefty 3 tons and will measure up to 8 m (25 feet) in length! This big baby also has some appetite on it and will consume the equivalent of a bathtub full of milk daily. This extremely rich and fatty milk (40-50% fat) has the consistency of cottage cheese. The well fed tyke will gain approx. 3.7 kilos an hour with this fat laden feasting.
The burgeoning baby will spend at least the first year of its life with mum and will leave her when large enough to defend itself.It is usually around 13 m when it is ready to venture out on its own.

Suzanne Burns 2014.

Photo credit: Corbis/Photolibrary © (Bing Australia)